Simmons v. Anadarko Petroleum Corporation

Simmons was a statewide (Oklahoma) class of royalty owners who had been underpaid their royalties as a result of affiliated transactions and improper third-party deductions from their royalties.  Anadarko was certified as a class by the trial court.  While the class certification issue was on appeal, Anadarko agreed to pay the Class $155,000,000.00 to resolve the litigation. Although Burns & Stowers were not involved in the case as class counsel, Terry Stowers was appointed in 2009 by the District Court of Caddo County, Oklahoma to serve as the Special Master or Court Referee to manage the distribution of the common fund to the Class Members.  The majority of the common fund was distributed in 2009; however, some additional proceeds remain to be distributed.  Mr. Stowers continues to review Class Member ownership records in an effort to make additional distributions.

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