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Bridenstine v. Kaiser-Francis, et al.

Bridenstine was a class of royalty owners with minerals in the Oklahoma Panhandle who had been underpaid royalties as a result of affiliated transactions and improper deductions from their royalties beginning in 1983 by Kaiser-Francis Oil Company, Questar Oil & Gas Company, Union Pacific Oil & Gas Company and Chemical Bank. The total ultimate recovery for the class was approximately $110,000,000.00.  Bridenstine was the only royalty owner class action in Oklahoma that traversed the entire litigation gantlet (a class certification; a class certification appeal; partial settlements with co-defendants; a six-week jury trial in 2001; an appeal of the jury findings and judgment, which included an $18 million in punitive damage award, which was affirmed; a trial on attorney’s fees to be assessed against the defendant, Kaiser-Francis; an adversary proceeding in federal bankruptcy court; hearings on three separate settlements; and two hearings on the award of attorney’s fees to class counsel).

Select documents related to the case have been made available for your review.  (Please click on a link below to view the available document)

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